Eligible Models: All Camon17 series

Pre-order time: 1st May- 31st Augest, 2021

Consumers who purchase CAMON 17 series can also participate in lucky draw to get various gifts and free services

lucky draw will be held on 15th June

The lucky draw show will be organized online, live on Instagram and Facebook and offline as we will announce the winners in the event of an occurrence.

We will offer gifts as follows

1st. class - CAMISSION Camp tickets

2nd. class - Fridge

3rd. class - Drones

4th. class - DSTV Decoders

5th. class - TECNO branded gifts

What You Get When You Buy CAMON 17 Series Online

a). Get a coupon to participate on lucky draw and get to win (Fridge, Drone, DSTV Decoder, Camping Ticket (CAMMISSION), Earbuds, Sunglasses bluetooth and TECNO gifts)

b). VIP carlcare repair services for 24 months from any carlcare centre

c). Free phone screen repair within 100 days

d). Free 78GB data bundle from Tigo

For more details , call us on 0678035208 to know more on how to participate.


This activity is hosted by TECNO and the right of final interpretation belongs to it.